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Kim Piazza

Kim Piazza

Kim is a TV personality and host of “What’s The Buzz in Western New  York” as well as “Talk of the Town”, on WBBZ-TV. Ms. Piazza has been a  part of the entertainment industry for over twenty fi ve years in theatre,  opera, commercial video, independent fi lm, and as a solo vocalist. Some  of Kim’s theatre credits include: the Alleyway Theatre world premieres of  BIG HAPPY, COLUMBUS, WEDLOCK, ITALIAN SERENADE, and LOST IN  HOLLYWOODLAND. Her directing credits include: CUT-UPS, LEFT HOLDING  THE MOP, ON THE WAY TO HEAVAN, and numerous productions for Theatre  Plus, a women’s theatre company for which Kim served fi ve years as Artistic  Director. Kim’s fi lm credits include DRY BONES, THE LEGEND OF SIX FINGERS,  BRING ON THE FUNNY, 120, and SORRY MCKINNLEY. She is a solo vocalist  on a number of original musical sound tracts including, THE GHOST OF OLD FORT NIAGARA

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